Coaching & Mentoring

COACHING IS FOR THOSE ALREADY ATTUNED TO REIKI. Reiki Courses for new students will be available in the future.

Coaching & mentoring sessions are for those already attuned to Reiki and are using it, or wanting to use it, in daily life either for healing or for spiritual development. Whatever level you’re at, it can always be beneficial to have ongoing coaching to keep you on the right path, inspire new ideas or to keep you accountable for your practice. Coaching is also recommended for Reiki masters and teachers who are responsible for students. Just as a psychiatrist should attend regular counseling sessions, a Reiki practitioner or master should also consider having a coach.

Whether you are newly attuned or an active teacher, coaching sessions are designed to inspire you, elevate your practice, and help you balance and heal yourself and your clients. I have been a master teacher since 2017 and have worked as an energy healer treating clients both in person and online, teaching Reiki to new students and refresher courses to those already attuned, and have held workshops, Reiki shares and study groups for practitioners. I am also a certified Spiritual Life Coach. You can read more about me and view my qualifications here.

Is Reiki coaching for you?

    • Are you a Reiki master or practitioner who has been out of practice for a while and would like to get back into using Reiki?
    • Would you like a fellow Reiki master to help hold you accountable for your practice?
    • Would you like to take your Reiki practice to the next level?
    • Are you newly attuned but aren’t sure where to go from here?
    • Has your Reiki practice become predictable, boring and stale?
    • Would you like to learn new and creative ways to use Reiki in your day to day life?
    • Are you interested in learning how to use Reiki as a spiritual development tool?
    • Are you starting your own Reiki business but need some guidance?
    • Do you want new methods and techniques to use for yourself and your clients?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, coaching could be for you.

* It is important for both of us to feel comfortable with each other during these sessions. If this is your first time interacting with me, I highly recommend the single session before committing to a bundle. 

** See terms & conditions below.


5 Sessions

For 5 Sessions
Buy 5 sessions for the price of 4 with this bundle. This is an ideal choice for anyone needing a serious boost in their practice. I recommend one session per week to really make the most of your time. Those starting a Reiki business or wanting to maximize on their motivation can request to complete these sessions in one week, Monday to Friday. Please get in contact to arrange this, subject to my availability.
  • 5 x 60 minute sessions for the price of 4 individual sessions
  • A full month's worth of coaching
  • Worksheets and record keeping tools
  • Sessions expire 3 months after purchase - I recommend one session per week, or one per fortnight.
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*Please only book your first session when making payment. The following sessions can be scheduled at the end of each call.

Single Session

Per Session
If you'd like to test the waters to ensure we are a good match and that Reiki coaching is for you, a 60 minute coaching session is recommended before committing to a longer course of sessions. This is also a great option for those who need the odd coaching session every once in a while for motivation and guidance.
  • 1 x 60 minute session
  • Record the call or make your own notes
  • Record keeping tools
  • Session expires 1 month after purchase
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12 Sessions

For 12 Sessions
For masters and practitioners who want ongoing support for an extended period of time. Perhaps to start a Reiki business, relearn the Reiki techniques or for guidance and accountability going forward with your practice. I recommend one session every two weeks, however we can go HAM and have 3 sessions a week for that ultimate boost.
  • 12 x 60 minute sessions for the price of 8 individual sessions
  • Ongoing support and coaching for masters and practitioners
  • Email exchange between sessions (1 email exchange between each session)
  • Worksheets, informational booklets and record keeping tools
  • Sessions expire 6 months after purchase - I recommend one session per week or per fortnight.
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*Please only book your first session when making payment. The following sessions can be scheduled at the end of each call.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Single sessions must be booked and used within 1 month of purchase, course of 5 sessions within 3 months, and course of 12 sessions within 6 months. No refunds or exchanges provided after this date.
  2. Refunds on unused sessions may be given if cancelled within the time frame stated above. All used sessions are charged at the full rate of £75 per hour, eg. if 3 sessions from the course of 5 have been used up (value £225, or £75 per session), a refund of £75 will be given. If 4 sessions were used, the refund value would be £0.
  3. Sessions can be cancelled or rescheduled up to 48 hours before the call, after which a refund or reschedule will not be available for that specific session. The client will have to forfeit the session.
  4. Clients are encouraged to take notes or record the session if they wish to. Calls will never be recorded on my end, all notes are for my own personal use (for our future sessions) and are confidential.
  5. Any free worksheets, booklets or record keeping tools which are provided to you during coaching sessions are for your personal use only and should not be sold, distributed or made available online or offline.
  6. Package of 12 sessions includes email support between sessions. This equates to one email exchange between client and coach between each session.
  7. Master PLUS Patreon members are entitled to a 10% discount on all coaching sessions, even the bundles. For example, clients get 1/3 off the price of coaching sessions when booking 12 sessions, but M+ Patrons get a further 10% off the total, making the price of 12 sessions just £540, or £45 per session! You can join the Enchanted Reiki family here.