I attended a Reiki session with Angel, and she made me feel safe, welcome, and comfortable, and her energy was amazing! I had the treatment on the couch, and I felt very relaxed, I felt the energy moving through me. It was a cold day, and the heat from the Reiki energy warmed me up as well. I highly recommend Angel as a practitioner, whether you want a one-to-one, or to do the course.
Amelya Goldy

Angel is a highly talented Reiki Therapist. Her treatments have been extremely beneficial to improving my health, alleviating pain and well-being. I would highly recommend Angel for anyone seeking a Reiki practitioner.

Enchanted Reiki is doing their community proud with the services they offer. They take the time to acknowledge & reach out to all who engage them & strive to give the utmost attention to all who seek them out. I highly recommend them. Namaste!
Bodhi La Rue
From the moment I booked my appointment, through to receiving the actual reiki, everything about my experience was 10 out of 10. The booking system was easy to use, I was able to browse available slots and pay online which I liked, Angel then followed up with a direct message about the appointment and I also received a reminder. On the day of the appointment, I arrived feeling emotional and very heavy, full of tension, stress and anxiety. Angel has a very calming and warm manor, I felt like I was talking to a friend and she immediately put me at ease as she talked me through how to get the best out of my session, the reiki treatment was incredible, I literally felt all the negative energy drain from my body. After the treatment, Angel gave me some after care tips which included drinking water, which she provided, I left with a spring in my step, feeling lighter than I had in a very long time, I immediately told all my friends and booked another session. You will not be disappointment.
I’ve had quite a problem with lumbar back pain for the past month, so I thought I would have some Reiki treatments on it to improve things. I found a really good Reiki practitioner called Angel and after only two fifty-minute sessions, I am really pleased that my back is so much better and almost fully back to normal! I really recommend Angel if you’d like to give Reiki a try and see if she can help you with the Reiki technique. Reiki can help with back pain, fatigue, insomnia, migraines, joint pain and more.
Dr Kabar Khan

Having just arrived home from a Reiki treatment with Angel I want to write about the session while it's still fresh in my mind. First of all Angel has a lovely welcoming personality.... genuinely compassionate, caring and kind. The space around her feels sacred and safe and it's easy to relax in her presence. I have been to many healers and therapists in the last thirty years or so and so I can confidently assert that Angel is a truly authentic and powerful healer. I have recently had an issue with the top of both of my lungs, in that I often find it hard to take a full breath or I get breathless when walking outside. It also bothers me sometimes when I'm laying down or trying to sleep. During my session with Angel today... just a few moments after she placed her hands on my chest area... I felt my lungs open up and something that had clearly been some kind of energetic block just unlocked itself and my lungs opened wide! I was able to take really long, full and deep breaths for the rest of the session. It felt amazing! My entire breathing apparatus felt free and I felt a surge of Prana / Chi coursing through my body and creating wonderful tingling sensations throughout. This to me is direct evidence of the healing power of Reiki and someone as skillful and experienced as Angel can channel that healing power with great effect. Highly recommended. Thank you Angel.

Kea Michelle
“I have received Reiki from Angel on several occasions and it has always been a very relaxing and at the same time energising experience. However, after she became a level 2 certified practitioner I could feel a change in the Reiki energy I received from her, it is definitely more intense, the strongest I ever felt (and I have had many Reiki sessions in my life). I definitely recommend her Reiki sessions!”
Jezabel Gonzales

Distant Reiki Treatments

“Powerful, peaceful healing energies. I loved my distant healing treatment. I am very sensitive to subtle vibrations so I was aware of when the session began. At first, the energy felt very soft and gentle but then it was amplified and felt very strong and powerfully comforting. I felt cocooned and safe. Afterwards, I fell asleep really quickly which was brilliant as I’d been suffering from insomnia. A really lovely treatment, thank you <3″
Leah Whitehorse