Reiki 2 Distant Healing & Symbols Recap – £10

Wednesday 15th April, 5-6PM BST (UK)

A new workshop has been set up during the Covid-19 disruptions to work.

This is a 1 hour workshop for Reiki Level 2 or Master practitioners who would like to recap the Reiki symbols, particularly the DISTANT (connection) symbol at this time when we are all isolated and needing to send healing to each other.

In this workshop we will go over all three symbols taught in Reiki 2, with emphasis and focus on the Distant/Connection symbols which we use to connect with others anywhere in the world, open the channel and send them Reiki healing.

The evening before the workshop I will send you a handbook with all of the symbols and instructions for how to draw them.

I am asking for a £10 donation to help cover the cost of this meetup group (I pay about £30 a month for it), but if you are unable to make the donation (or would like to contribute a little more), please get in touch. It is an optional fee and I can still add you to the attendees list even if you can’t pay. If you’d like to contribute a little more, you can send it via PayPal to

For more information and to book your place, please click here.