Just For Today…

Just for today… This is what we say before we recite The Reiki Principles, but why? Why “just for today”? Why not every day from now on? Why not starting from today?

The Reiki Principles are not rules, commandments or vows. They are not promises in and of themselves, but they are the idea of a promise made to oneself to try the best one can, just for today. The Principles are meant to be recited daily, preferably each morning as part of our morning routine. Whether this is first thing from the comfort of your bed, in the shower, whilst meditating, or during breakfast, The Reiki Principles are a daily reminder to stay focused on the present moment.

So as you can imagine, making a promise to yourself to do, be or think in a certain way “just for today” every day, results in you practicing the principles every day. There is no need to make a vow not to be angry ever again, because this is overwhelming and will leave you frustrated. But when we are about to feel anger because someone cut in front of us at the checkout, we can step back for a moment and remember that earlier in the day we set the intention not to be angry, just for today. Just for today. You can choose not to recite the principles tomorrow and be angry about it then, but if you’re honest with yourself, will it even bother you tomorrow?

Now that you understand why we only set an intention just for today, what else do you think you could achieve if you told yourself to do it, just for today?

Just for today…
I will not worry
I will not anger
I will be grateful
I will work with diligence
and I will be kind to others

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